A Little Americana

I adore this red, white, and beautiful collection. It is absolutely a slice of Americana from the Route 66 vibes to the bandana pattern. It reminds me of family road trips, highways, the open road, open windows, car maps, apple pie at little diners along the way and what it was to grow up an American kid in the 70 and 80’s. I love that it reminds me of simpler times. Perhaps we all need a little of that.

I also love that it is just in time to pay homage to Memorial Day. It is just in time for the kick off to the Summer we, as Americans, desperately need. I see melting homemade ice cream in the hot summer sun on the Fourth and American pride on Labor Day ushering us into fall.

Every manicure tells a story. What story do these hold for you?

P.S. Grab these little gems on our shopping site or just send us a message.

Published by Michelle Archer

Wife, Mom, foodie, manicure addict and advocate of the direct sales industry.

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