Dry Nail Polish?

Let me disrupt the order of your universe. Nail polish does not need to be a wet, dripping mess. It does not need to spill on carpets or ruin furniture. It needn’t be your worst nightmare in the hands of a toddler. And you don’t need to be a nail artist to create show stopping manicures!

Now that your mind is properly blown, let me introduce you to dry polish. It is thin, perfect sheets of solids, glitters and designs that you simply press in place.

It goes on: natural nails, dips, gels, acrylics and even toenails. It applies in minutes, wears for weeks and zips off in moments.

Once you start with this. You won’t know how you ever lived without it. In fact, if you haven’t tried is. Let me send you a little nail mail. Just give me your info here.

Have a sparkly day!


Published by Michelle Archer

Wife, Mom, foodie, manicure addict and advocate of the direct sales industry.

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